Mlle Tonie 0 its time to burn the incense its time to slay the sheep its time to wake the moppets from a thousand years of sleep i Tl Depopulates Its time to raze existence Its time to banish light its time to call the void in On the Muppet Show tonight Replying to genomes its time to light the candles Its time to say the rightest its time to summon Satan 0 the Muppet Show tonight 5 Dark satanic Mills Replying to monkshoods its time to reverse all orders Its time to turn Spring to blight Its time to call forth the whirlwind 0 the Muppet Show tonight 1226 A v 18 Jul 13 t Twitter Web Client Replying to sandalwoods and Decomposability Its time to bind the prisoners And Knapp obsidian knives Its time to make the sun rise on The Muppet Show tonight Replying to sandalwoods Why do we summon demons guess well never knows Its like eternal torture To have to watch the show Replying to glories moods Waldorf Ia Ila Thule Hillyer Replying lo Baha'ullah and swordsmanship And now lets get things started 0 the most damnations This is what we call the Muppet

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